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What is the most accurate black powder rifle at a long range?

and what would be that caliber, and distance. Thanks!What is the most accurate black powder rifle at a long range?
The guys who shoot long range blackpowder cartridge rifles are shooting .45-70 and .45-90 or .45-100 mostly. Those who shoot longrange muzzleloaders all shoot custom built bench guns. In both cases, you are talking about a lot of money. I shoot a Sharps .45-120 that I have almost $2,000 in. When I am shooting muzzleloaders, I shoot rifles that I have built myself using only the premium parts. If you want something off the shelf that shoots well and is affordable, you might look at something from Dixie Gun Works at A good rifle is going to cost you some serious bucks. You can also buy a Thompson Center rifle that is a good shooter at reasonable blackpowder distances (less than 150 yards). If what you are wanting is a rifle that will drive tacks at 500 yards, you will have to get it custom built by a gunsmith that specializes in blackpowder rifles.

If you have a serious interest in muzzleloadrs, you ought to join the National Muzzleloadinjg Rifle Association (NMLRA). Just go to for more info. You will have a lot of information at your fingertips and a lot of help from blackpowder shooters that will help prevent you from makiong a lot of costly mistakes in buying muzzleloading guns. You will also learn about blackpowder clubs in your area where you can join others interested in shooting muzzleloaders. You will have an opportunity to shoot in some blackpowder matches if you want. They are a lot of fun and, again, you will learn a lot of very valuable info in a short time that will help you make the right decision when buying the long range gun that you want.What is the most accurate black powder rifle at a long range?
.45 and .50 cal blackpowder rifles can have very good accuracy out past 100 yards...but it takes a little work to get results. Muzzle loaders or cartridge firearms can be very accurate

Every rifle will favor a bullet that is sized to work in the bore of an individual rifle. The patch material will be a variable... so will the powder charge... a few grains more of less will influence accuracy.

Sights --- using a good tang or globe sight can get excellent long range results too.

I am pretty confident that some of those old stories about 70 yard head shots on squirrels and long range bison shooting are true.

Blackpowder was used in cartridge guns well into the early 20th century. Read up on the old Creedmore matches... some events were shot at distances up to 1,000 yards - with blackpowder charges
i like the lymans for true old school flintlock i find that they have the best barrels and the locks are built just right havent shot past 120yards but i would say i could if the opportunity presented itself
one that is sighted in at the range well
check out bad bull

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